Isomac PRO 6.1

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The Isomac Pro 6.1 features a classic E61 grouphead and heat exchange boiler, so you can brew coffee and steam milk at the same time. It is a great pick for home espresso lovers who want reliable power and delicious shots, but don't need tons of fancy gadgets or gizmos. It isn't a feature-heavy machine, but offers some simple bells and whistles to make the whole experience bit easier.- Powerful 1.8L boiler to steam super silky milk.- All sturdy stainless steel construction for a long life.- Fully adjustable commercial pump and pressurstat for perfectly brewed café quality espresso.- Operate from the internal water tank or can be plumbed into mains.

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Isomac PRO 6.1
Isomac PRO 6.1 Isomac PRO 6.1 Isomac PRO 6.1
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