Knife 6pc Block | Oak


Block 6 pcs. Oakwood
The classic and timeless solid oak block.
The basic composition includes all the knives essential for the kitchen.

- ROAST KNIFE 24 cm.: semi-rigid knife, for carving cooked meat (e.g. roast or boiled meat).
- BREAD KNIFE 24 cm.: semi-rigid serrated knife, for slicing bread, cakes, pizza.
- HAM KNIFE 24 cm. : Semi-rigid knife, for small and medium-sized salami and cold cuts. (e.g. salami, pork, sausage, bacon).
- KITCHEN KNIFE 18 cm.: the multipurpose knife for cooking, handy and safe for cutting vegetables, fruit, meat and fish.
- NARROW BONING KNIFE 16 cm. : the pointed blade enables to cut next to the bone. Ideal for deboning, skinning and cutting out tendons and fat.
- PARING KNIFE 10 cm.: semi-rigid knife for chopping and peeling vegetables and fruit.

Ergonomic double-molded handle and anti-slip material with Biomaster additive.

Knife 6pc Block | Oak
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