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We scour the world to find exceptional products that strike the perfect balance of quality, affordability and functionality.

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We know that making the right choice is important to your business and given the massive amount of choice available this can become a overwhelming task. Not to worry we have been doing this a long time and would love to help.

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Moda Porcelain Crockery

The beautiful Moda Porcelain range is at once striking, pleasant to the touch and practical. This dinnerware and beverage line is reminiscent of the artisanal ceramic but can withstand the rigours of commercial use.

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Perfect Coffee Deserves

Exceptional Milk

Exceptional milk for Exceptional coffee. Milklab milk is designed to texture, stretch and pour with high performance. Elevate your coffee experience with milk that perfectly complements the flavour of espresso coffee and deliver a delicious and creamy taste.

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