Unox BAKERLUX SPEED.Pro Electric

W: 600mm D: 797mm H: 514mm

BAKERLUX SPEED.ProTM is the world's first and only speed baking
oven: a convection oven and a speed baking oven in a single piece of
equipment. Thanks to the large baking chamber of the BAKERLUX
SPEED.ProTM, you can use the Bake mode to bake up to 3 460 x 330
trays of bakery or pastry products, even frozen ones, obtaining perfectly
uniform results. The Speed mode allows you to cook and regenerate
food, in single or multiple portions, in record time thanks to the
combination of controlled hot air flows, microwave technology and the
special Speed.Plate baking tray that transmits heat by contact, perfectly
toasting all bread-based products.

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Unox BAKERLUX SPEED.Pro Electric
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